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How to Get Aircraft Flight Instruction Aircraft Flight Instruction If You Want to be a Pilot

There are many people today dreaming to become a pilot or being able to fly a plane on their own. Their main problem is whether or not they can afford such flying instruction or if they can find a reputable school where they can learn to become an aircraft pilot. If you really want to get a pilot’s license, you can find many certified aircraft flight instruction schools where you can enroll int heir programs. If you enroll in any credited aircraft flight instruction school then you can someday become a recreational private pilot for small aircrafts or a commercial pilot on large aircraft flights.

The requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration or the FAA for those who want to have a pilot’s license is 40 hours of minimum flying time. The first 20 hours of the requirement involves spending time with a certified instruction who will teach you more about flying. The other 20 hours required will be spent solo flying as a student. Pilot’s license can be acquired for as little as a month, and after 10 to 16 hours of solo flying time with supervised aircraft flight instruction. You need at least 6 months to be able to get a commercial aircraft pilot’s license.

There are requirements set by the FAA if you are going to do your solo flying. The requirements include a medical certificate of health, proof of age and physical competency. A written exam should also be passed in order to get your certified pilot’s license. If you are already at least 16 years old, then you will be allowed to do solo flights, and if you are at least 17 years old, then you can already get your private plane pilot license. If you are aspiring for a commercial pilot license, then you have to be at least 18 years old. You need to be at least 23 years old to get your airline transport license.

The important thing for you to do if you are aspiring to get a pilot’s license and learn how to fly an aircraft is to carefully search for a good aircraft flight instruction school where you will be taught the basics of flying and will be able to fly your first aircraft solo. The school should be a reputable one so that they get to guide you through applying for a license and the associated costs that are involved. The best aircraft flight instruction school will be located in an area with an open space and beautiful landscape so that when you are airborne, you can appreciate the location.

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