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Signs that Your Septic System has Problems

Septic systems are waste water treatment systems used in rural areas or for homes with large property lots where it is not practical for public sewage. Waste and waste water are then stored in a septic tank where they sit and are broken down. When water and solid waste are separated, the solids stay in the tank to be broken down and decomposed by bacteria. Then the liquid waste water passes from the tank to a series of drain fields and this clean water gets absorbed into the ground that become part of the water cycle of nature.

Because septic tanks are designed to be underground, we have no way of knowing what is happening inside. You can tell that there is something wrong with the septic tank if you experience sewage back ups. Septic system failure can also be detected if there is slow draining of your toilets and drainage. Backed up or clogged lines going to the septic tank, and odor are some other signs that you will experience. When there is surface water over the drain fields, then this means that the lines going from your septic tank to the drain fields are obstructed. There are times when these issues just seem to go away on their own. But these signs tell you something that you should not ignore. This should make you wonder why and try to find out what is wrong.

If you avoid or neglect septic tank maintenance, the system can fail. Failure in your septic system is a threat to the health of your family and your neighbors. An overflowing septic tank compromises the environment. Waste and wastewater can pollute our clean bodies of water like lakes, streams, and groundwater. The repairs for septic tanks are very expensive.

Septic tank cleaning should be done when your septic tanks sends these warning signs. It will be very expensive to pump out septic tanks and this is not the best way to clean it. If you have failed in the past to maintain your septic tanks, you can still do something now to treat your tanks so that your current issues can be reversed and future problems stopped.

Maintaining your septic tanks means maintaining the bacteria in them since bacteria is needed to break down the solid waste in the tank. Putting a high volume of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in your septic tank can help replace dead and damaged bacteria immediately. Waste can be cleaned out of the lines if you use a special treatment product that contains thousands of new bacteria and enzymes that are poured down drains or flushed. It will reduce the odor and the surface water quickly.

IF you want to avoid septic system problems or failure, you need to do regular septic maintenance.

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