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Information about Canada Opioid Crisis

Canada has recently experienced an opioid epidemic and this condition has been classified as a national health crisis that needs urgent actions. Generally, opioids are developed and prescribed as pain killers but there are multiple persons who tend to abuse these drugs or even overdose which has brought multiple death cases in Canada. Multiple families are suffering following the sudden or untimely demise of their loved ones and the communities have lost precious persons and so is the country. Basically, those people who abused the drug were either ignorant or trying to abuse it as a way of getting high. Canada is ranked second on the opioid prescriptions every year.

In 2017, the death figures were at four thousand. It is therefore appropriate to conclude that three hundred and thirty three persons died every month of last year. These overuse cases are classified into two divisions where one is inadvertent and the other premeditated. These death cases increased by 34% as compared to the year 2016. Following the trend and the development of the crisis, 2018 is believed to worsen that the other years although there are no definite statistical figures.

The epidemic does not happen because of the government is not acting. The department of health among other government bodies and officials are overly developing rules and regulations that will combat the illegal usage of opioids amongst the populaces. There are plans and restrictions to be effected on how these opioids are marketed and availed to the general populace. Illegal opioids dealers are also being hunted by the police department as well as the government prosecutors as a way of minimizing the excessive flow of these drugs.

It is saddening to learn that opioids are still abused and the general populaces have excessive illegal access. More than 21 million opioids were prescribed in 2017. The smuggling of fentanyl into Canada is helping worsen the situation and these fentanyl is smuggled from china and several other places of the world. The Canadian government is positioning strategies that will help prevent the availability of fentanyl in the streets.

The Canadian government at large is obliged with the sole responsibility of identifying reliable strategies and means through which opioids and fentanyl shall be dispensed from the streets. Thus, it is essential to control the summative number of opioids prescriptions in the nation. As a way of handling these epidemic, the government should consider finding and arresting all the opioids and fentanyl cartels who keep availing these illegal drugs to the populaces and prosecute them as national threats. Also, the health department of Canada should consider sensitizing the population on the same in order to reduce the accidental overuse of opioids.

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