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Ways in Which a Whizzinator Works and How It Is Used

A Whizzinator is used for triggering the looks and functions of a male urinary organ. It is usually used for different reasons such as sexual games because it is in so many ways like a real manhood. A Whizzinator is sold together with synthetic urine, syringe and some heater packs which are used to keep urine which is not real at body temperature. It is used by many people who include some celebrities. There is a new model of Whizzinator which has been released into the market known as Whizzinator touch which must be touched for it to operate.

What you should do is pressing the top of the unreal manhood so that it can release the pee. The previous model used to be operated through touching a switch and that made it appear to be fake. In the newest model, the switch has the work of ensuring that the urine is not released accidentally. The Whizzinator touch is available in five different colors which are used according to ones tone of the skin so that no one can notice it. In the touch kit in the Whizzinator, you can find all the necessary items for imitating the peeing procedure.

The Whizzinator is only to be used in a legal manner and only by people who are of adult age. There is no person who can notice if one has a Whizzinator and that makes it easy to use when playing games meant for adults. When one is using the Whizzinator, he should act normally and use the fake urine which resembles the real one. You should ensure that the first thing you do when using the Whizzinator is closing the safety switch which is situated at the bottom and the next thing should be putting the unreal urine in the syringe until it is full. You should then put the syringe into the vinyl pouch and later attach the heat pack.

The unreal urine should then be allowed some time for it to get some heat. After it has gained enough heat, it should be able to last about eight hours. The other thing that you should ensure is tying the Whizzinator on your body and then open the switch before you let go the pee. You should then press the top of the fake manhood when you want to release the pee. Nowadays you may also find a unisex whiz kit which can be used by both men and women and which is cheaper than the Whizzinator.

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